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Himalayan Adventures + Holiday Specials

Happy trails and happy holidays from the Himalayas We started this holiday on the road to reflect and revisit our values for learning, exploring and for sharing. We really wanted to get away from the Black Friday frenzy and the holiday consumerism back in California. So here we are - in SE Asia and Nepal trekking, biking and gazing at these 20,000 feet snow peak giants - it's unreal. At the same time we're witnessing the aftermath of last year's earthquake in Nepal. Devastating, displacing and heart-breaking to watch families and small business rebuild their lives from scratch. 

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Whats the best Epoxy for Bamboo Bike Building?

Epoxy resins are an intricate part of the composite makeup of any bamboo frame. Yet there is so much mixed information out there for resins. Resins come in all form and shapes, some are used as fillers, others as laminates, thread locking agents and others at coatings. Just because a epoxy is highly revered in the marine industry doesn't mean its meant for outdoor use. In fact, many "marine epoxies" designed for clear coating wooden interior structures are totally unsuitable for composite bicycle use. Here at the shop we've been playing with resin and epoxies since the old days at Stalk Bicycles, circa 2009, and even before that with surfboards. We've worked through West Systems, MAS, System 3, Gorilla and...

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Does bamboo need to be torched?

Is tempering a necessary process in building a bicycle? Definitely not. Traditional flutes and bamboo crafts are often torched for pest control (caramelized sugars = darker bamboo), added durability (denser fibers with oils rising to the surface). Torching can also relax the liginins and allow the fibers to compact themselves. That said, bamboo should be torched or kiln dried to add a dimension of “tempering” only when it is still fresh (fleshy green), ideally just after harvest. Once bamboo tubes are dried and stabilized, you do not want to torch them. In all honesty, it can be done but you will run a high risk of cracking them since they are already stabilized in moisture content. Poles can also be...

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The NEW Mitered Bamboo Bike Kit 2.0

Earlier this season we sat down with Bamboo Bee to collaborate on a NEW bamboo bicycle kit. We loved the aesthetics of their kits but wanted to improve it with our standards of fabrication and personalize it for our urban riders. We opted for a simpler design to provide those with limited access to mitering tools or for those who are intimidated by the process of designing their own geometry from scratch to build their own bamboo bike frame. Enter the Mitered Bamboo Kit 2.0, a kit that builds on our original framebuilding kit and bamboo bee kickstarter kit with a few key perks: Double Laminate Tubing Paying respect to the intelligence of strong laminate builders (checkout Renovo Bicycles!) we...

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