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Bamboo Bike Supplies is a dedicated space for framebuilders, creatives and DIY makers. We provide high quality, time tested bike building materials for anyone interested in building their own bicycle.

Our Story

Our story began in a little studio in Beijing in 2009, following in the footsteps of a large art project to 'green' Beijing. It was short lived, but a wildly exciting experience to create a number of beautiful handcrafted bicycles in the city of 10 million bicycles. Within a year we found ourselves back in Northern California. Still curious and passionate, we decided to shift our artistic passion into full time fabrication. From 2009 to 2012 we crafted, experimented and dedicated our efforts towards creating sustainable bicycles with bamboo. Below are a few our builds from that era under Stalk Bicycles

Present Day

This website is a living collective of techniques and building experience we have collected over the last 7 years as artist, amateurs, professional bike designers. We have distilled our personal blunders, our favorite technical techniques and our aesthetics to provide a platform for builders like yourself to create a truly unique bicycle and enjoy a rewarding creative experience.