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Hemp Bast Fiber


Longline bast fibers for composite wrapping

The fibers come in staple lengths of 24-36 inches, allowing plenty of leverage in anchoring, binding and orienting fibers while wrapping. The finished composite retains a beautiful granite like contrast of colors and performs structurally on par with carbon and glass composites - with the added benefit of reduced vibration dampening.
Not to be confused with hemp tow, which are shorter fibers used for lower end applications where structural strength is not a primary necessity. These have been refined and scutched (separation of fibers from plant stalk and wood), leaving the bast fibers with a purity ratio of ~95% bast fiber (less than 5% bark). Hemp bast fibers are comparable in application to unidirectional carbon fiber and fiberglass tape or thread. 
  • 400 grams - enough for a single build with a little extra to play with
  • 4 lbs - enough for 4 to 5 builds or those tandem frames, snow bikes and dutch cargo beer transporters ;)

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