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Bamboo Bike Frame Kit | Standard Road

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Perfect for the first time frame builder  

If you're looking for a bike that will turn heads, this is for you. No experience or specialty tools necessary, just industrial-grade materials and Ikea style instructions to guide you through the magic of creating a bike that is uniquely yours. 


        • Bamboo Framebuiding Manual

        • Pre-Cut Bamboo Tubing**

        • Hemp Fibers for wrapping

        • Metal Fittings + Dropouts

        • Modular Framebuilding Jig

        • Essential Building Tools

        **Pre-cut bamboo keeps things simple. No tinkering with geometry specs means you can go straight into building your first bike.

        Bamboo Tubeset

        Seat & chain stays - 18 to 22mm diameter

        Main tubes - 35 to 45mm diameter

        Bottom Bracket Shell

        English / ISO threaded

        68mm length, knurled

        Head Tube Shim

        1-1/8 threadless, knurled

        Seat Post Shim

        Fits 25.4mm seat post

        Brake Bridge

        Formerly metal, now made from bamboo


        Horizontal mount dropouts with DISC brake tabs and Derailleur mount



        The front triangle is a Double Walled Bamboo (think double jointed cutting board in tubing form, reinforced for high torsion and tough riding); the rear stays are handpicked Iron Bamboo or Tonkin Bamboo (renown among fly rod craftsmen).

        Iron Bamboo

        Hand picked from mature culms, air dried at growing temperatures and selected for fiber quality. These poles are fiber rich and exceptionally strong, they may come slightly curved which adds an element of individuality to each frame design.

        Tonkin Bamboo

        Each pole is hand selected from mature bamboo (4-6 years culms) and cut from the base of the bamboo to insure high fiber density and thick walls. The poles are then air dried to proper moisture levels. Once dried, the poles are stressed under load to account for road stress and impact.


        Premium woven bast fibers in a beautiful caramel hue. The fibers come in staple lengths of 24-36 inches. They have been carefully refined and scutched (separation of fibers from plant stalk and wood), leaving the bast fibers with a purity ratio of ~95% bast fiber (less than 5% bark).

        FRAME JIG

        CNC cut pieces made from dense MDF material. Joins easily for a fast assemble framebuilding jig, kind of like a set of legos!  

        Please check out our extensive FAQ.

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        Questions & Answers

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        • how much does the finished largest size bike weigh?

          This will depend mostly on your choice of components - carbon, alumnimum, steel. The frame itself will weight in around 4.5lbs.

        • Are you making a fat tire version

          Fat tire bikes are always wecolme. A couple of builders have built fat tire frames using the custom road kit in the past. This is a good option if you want to design a custom geometry and get the full experience of mitering bamboo tubes.

          We can also modify a standard road kit to work with the fat tire design. This would require some additional bamboo (+$15) and extra work on your end, as the chainstay and seat stay bamboo would need to be cut differently to accomodate the wider tires. 

          Let us know what you'd prefer. We look forward to working with you on a build!

          Bamboo Bike Supplies

        • Is this just the frame or does it also include wheels , handle bars, brakes, de-railer, seat, etc.

          Our Frame Kit includes the materials and instructions to build just the bike frame. We recommend talking to your local bike shop regarding bicycle components. - Team BBS

        • what size frame is the large frame 60 61 62 64 cm?

          The Standard Large is sized as a 58, please checkout our sizing guide here. I would recommend our Custom Road Frame for size over 61. - Team BBS

        • What additional tools do I need to build this kit?

          The Standard Road Kits do not require additional tooling. You will need to buy your own epoxy. Please read through our FAQ page for epoxy specifications and suggestions.